The importance of the little things

Published 11:36 am Saturday, September 30, 2023

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By Dean Kelly

Minister, Highland Home Church of Christ

My grandson had to write two original poems for school. He entitled one of them “The Little Things”. I listened to his poem in class and told him I would like to borrow his concept and write about it. He said that was fine, so, here I go.

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I remember many “big” things in my life: the day I was baptized into Christ; the day I got married; the births of all three children and all five grandchildren; the days we learned of the loss of our parents and my wife’s siblings. All of these are what I would call big things.

But what really makes up life is the little things. I remember the first time I held hands with the woman who would become my wife. I remember seeing my reflection in the eyes of my newborn son. There are thousands of memories of the little things that make life beautiful and worth the trip. 

I will never lead a country. My name will never be known by millions. I will never lead an army to great victories. But I can do the little things. 

I can love my wife, my children, my grandchildren with all my heart. I can love my neighbor as myself. I can have a love that is genuine and real, not just words but actions (1 John 3:18).

I can say an encouraging word that might be able to turn someone’s day around. I can have an effect on one person at a time, with love and true caring. 

Jesus doesn’t talk about the big things in His picture of the judgment in Matthew 25. He spoke of giving food, drink, and clothing, and of caring for the sick and imprisoned.  

Don’t forget the importance of the little things that very few see you do. Remember that they matter to the Lord.