Actor Danny Glover enjoyed visit to Selma

Published 5:25 am Friday, September 22, 2023

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Actor Danny Glover indicated he enjoyed his visit to Selma last weekend.

Glover spoke at Unity Day last Friday at R.B.  Hudson Steam Academy to commemorate the non-violent student march that ignited the Civil Rights Movement in Selma on Sept. 15, 1963.  On that day, R.B. Hudson High School students launched a non-violent march and a demonstration in response to the 16th Street Church bombing.

Glover, famous for his roles in “The Color Purple” and the Lethal Weapon movie series, explained the purpose of his attendance.

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“We stand on the shoulders of those who came before us,” Glover said. “Movements have happened and continued and brought change, extraordinary change to the world and to this country.”

Before and after the program, Glover took photos with students, teachers and guests. He enjoyed the process.

“To come to a city like Selma, it’s always a blessing,” Glover said. “You come here and get to meet different people.”

Glover, 77, said it’s always enjoyable when people come up to him and praise his movies.

“I love hearing young men and women say their father and mother watched the Color Purple or Lethal Weapon,” Glover said.

A San Francisco native, Glover credits his acting success to his family.  His parents, Carrie and James Glover, were postal workers.

“With me coming to visit Selma all comes from the upbringing of my mom and dad,” Glover said. “I’m a product of them.”