Our opinion: we’re asking football fans for patience

Published 5:00 am Tuesday, September 12, 2023

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In week four of the Dallas County high school football season all six schools lost last week. Selma, Southside, Keith, Morgan Academy, Dallas County and Meadowview Christian Schools all were on the losing side on Sept. 8.

We covered the Selma-Demopolis contest at Memorial Stadium.  As we walked through the stadium, we heard chants calling for the Saints coach to be fired from fans in the stands. We also read social media posts claiming negative things about the Saints head coach.

We all know what happened: Demopolis routed the Saints 40-0.

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What seemed like poetic justice was the fact that two former Saints’ coaches were on the Tigers’ coaching staff, helping them to victory.

We don’t play games of “woulda, coulda or shoulda.”

We’re not blaming the Selma City School board for getting rid of the previous head coach. We did ask why the coach was let go and have, as of publication, received no response. Currently, we don’t know why the change was needed.

We never criticize the student-athletes for losing. From where we sit, this is a young Saints squad loaded with freshmen and sophomores who need guidance toward growth.

We are asking Saints fans and parents to be patient with coaches. Another coaching change will make the situation worse in 2024. Let’s give the coaching staff a chance to build the team.