Dallas County Commission approves Resolutions by Bridges, Kelly

Published 9:00 am Monday, August 21, 2023

The Dallas County Commission approved three resolutions introduced by Dallas County Engineer William “Bill” Bridges last week.

Here are the Resolutions:

-Resolution 2023-08-11, Awarding the annual paving and asphalt bid to Asphalt Contractors, Inc.;

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-Resolution 2023-08-12: Award concrete pipe bid to Alabama Pipe and Study for six months; and

-Resolution 2023-08-13: Adopt annual Rebuild Alabama County Transportation Plan;

Dallas County Attorney John Kelly also had four Resolutions approved by the Commission:

-Resolution 2023-08-4: Voting precinct change from St. John Baptist Church to Ebenezer Baptist Church;

-Resolution 2023-08-8: Approving the lease to Jim Minor Garden Homes;

-Resolution 2023-08-9: Allowing Solid Waste Officer John Creel to execute enforcement power; and

-Resolution 2023-08-10: Amend Assistant Sports Director contract with Richard Davis.