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Published 6:28 pm Thursday, August 17, 2023

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An Editorial Opinion of The Selma Times-Journal

On Aug. 15, the Selma Times-Journal ceased publication of its Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday e-editions. This change will allow our staff to devote more time to gathering news and keeping our website,, updated frequently with content that matters to you.

For our loyal readers, who log on to read our e-edition five days a week, we understand this change might be difficult. However, the same news that was on our e-edition has always been available on our website, and now with more time to allocate to covering news, we’re committed to producing more top-notch local coverage that will keep you informed. That means more coverage of local sports, community meetings, business openings, events and features.

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It means more time spent writing about the people who live in Selma and Dallas County.

Our e-edition will still be available as an exact replica of our print edition on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

In addition to our website, we encourage you to sign up for our daily newsletter which delivers news to your email inbox each day.

As we work to provide the best news coverage possible, we also ask for your help. Keep us informed. While we live in this community and try to be everywhere, we often rely on tips from readers to make sure we didn’t miss something. We ask that you share local news tips on the people, places, and happenings that you come across.

Please also send us announcements about your upcoming events to feature on our community calendar and to preview in upcoming articles. Tell us who is doing great things in your office, school, or community so that we can share their story to inspire and encourage others.

If you have questions about changes in our publications, call us at (334) 875-2110. To report news, suggest features, express an opinion, or to add your event to our community calendar, email us at or call (334) 410-1747 and ask for the newsroom.