Missing Dallas County teenager found by Investigators

Published 9:41 am Wednesday, July 5, 2023

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A missing teenager was found over the weekend by law enforcement.

Jeremiah McGary  was found safe and sound  at a home in a neighboring county, which Dallas County Sheriff Mike Granthum did not disclose the county. He was missing for two weeks. “When we talked to the 16 year old, he was so uncomfortable in the residence,” Granthum said. “He felt like he was being abused, physically. He felt so strong about this that he actually rode a bicycle all the way to another county, several hours on a bicycle to get away.”

During the course of the investigation evidence led to McGary allegedly being abused by his stepfather, Walter McGary, 51.   Walter McGary was charged with violating the Sex Offender Registration Notification Act and arrested. Granthum said that Walter McGary is currently in the Dallas County Jail.

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Granthum said charges and arrests of other family members could come out of the on-going investigation into the teen’s abuse allegations because they knew where McGary was  and they knew of the abuse. “If you know of a crime and you don’t prevent it or disclose it to law enforcement, you’re just as guilty,” Granthum said.

Granthum said the teen will remain in the care of other family members,  while the abuse allegation  continues to get investigated. “He’s a good kid and feels safe where he’s at right now,” Granthum said.