Advanced ATC COO spoke to Selma Rotary Club

Published 6:41 am Wednesday, June 28, 2023

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Advanced  ATC Chief Operating Officer Dan Cunningham was the guest speaker at the Selma Rotary Club on Monday.

The meeting was held at Craig Field, which gave Rotary members a chance to  tour the new industries.

Selma-Dallas County Economic Development Authority Executive Director Wayne Vardaman served as introduction of speaker.  Vardaman discussed how he and Craig Field Airport & Industrial Authority Executive Director Jim Corrigan met Cunningham for the first time.

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“It takes years to make something happen, it takes a lot of praying to make something happen and it takes a lot of patience to make something happen,” Vardaman said. . “It’s not a simple process. Dan Cunningham has a lot of patience.”

Cunningham explained the early stages of ATC Advanced coming to Dallas County.

“The first phase was getting it up and running,” Cunningham said. “We got it up and running in six months.”

Cunningham boasted about having five simulators in six months. He also said that    the addition of dormitories will provide plenty of training for students.

“A lot of the country need classroom training,” Cunningham said. “We’re trying to get more international people in here. We just completed our radar simulation.”

Cunningham credited Vardaman and Corrigan for their role in bringing Advamced ATC to town.

“I thank Wayne Vardaman and Jim Corrigan, they were patient with me,” Cunningham said.  “Everyone in Selma has been great.”

Cunningham’s wife Advanced ATC CEO Monica Cunningham,  praised her husband’s hard work and determination. “I appreciate Dan for making this happen,” Monica Cunningham sai