Selma City Council approves to open bids on repairing Memorial stadium

Published 7:18 am Thursday, June 15, 2023

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The Selma City Council unanimously approved a Resolution to open the bid for repairing Memorial Stadium on Tuesday night.

The entire city council was present: President Billy Young, council members Michael Johnson, Christie Thomas, Troy Harvill, Sam Randolph,  Jannie Thomas, Lesia James, Clay Carmichael and Atkin Jemison.

Memorial Stadium was damaged by Hurricane Zeta nearly three years ago and a tornado on January 12.

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Selma Mayor James Perkins Jr. told the city council that 21 vendors received bids by the city and only one company replied.  Perkins said it was good to have one bid at this point.

At a special called meeting last week, the city council unanimously approved   Resolution 192-22/23.

Tuesday, the city council approved to move forward with opening bids.

Perkins and the city council both realize time is running out to fix the stadium. Selma High School plays its home games at Memorial Stadium.

“We have a short window and a short time to get this done before the first football game in August,” Perkins said.

Young and Perkins both realize that the stadium may not be ready before the Saints’ season-opener, which should start around the third Friday in August.

“There’s no guarantee we can pull this off before football season starts,” Perkins said. “All we can do is hope for the best.”

Young agrees with Perkins.

“This is not a guarantee Memorial Stadium will be fixed in time, but we’re doing everything we can,’’ Young said.

Young admitted that things won’t get done overnight.

“Getting it fixed will take time,” Young said. “It’s a Band-Aid we’re putting on Memorial Stadium.”