Perry County Commissioner files complaint against former Dallas County DA

Published 8:54 am Tuesday, April 18, 2023

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Perry County Commission Chairman, Albert Turner Jr. filed a formal complaint to the Alabama State Bar Association against former Fourth Judicial District Attorney Michael Jackson last week.

The incident stems from voter fraud charges against Turner by Jackson and former Alabama Secretary of State John Merrill in January.

Although the charges were later dropped, Turner filed a complaint against Jackson, a former Dallas County District Attorney.

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Turner said he believes Jackson had a pattern and practice to try intimidating politically active individuals to either support him or bow out of the process completely.

Jackson, who was District Attorney for two terms, replies to  Turner’s claims.

“I had immunity as District Attorney and a grand jury indicted this so there was probable cause,” Jackson said. “I could get this dismissed real quickly but I might want to put a case on so that there will be a transcript to hand to other prosecution agencies, so more possible charges may be brought and more people may be implicated! This is a gift! And the public will see everything  because the secrecy of the grand jury won’t exist.”

Jackson, who lost to Robert L. Turner in the District Attorney’s race last November,  said a Judge would have to come out of town for the case.

The Circuit Court Judges are Don McMillian, Collins Pettaway Sr. and Marvin Wiggins.

“Since this is a lawsuit about a case against me as District Attorney, all of the Judges in this Circuit will have to recuse themselves because of the Judicial Cannons and the law,” Jackson said. “Turner will be on his own as I present my case exposing the corruption that led to the indictment.