Morgan academy Adds new members to honor society

Published 10:06 am Sunday, April 16, 2023

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By Travis Gupton

The Selma Times-Journal

Morgan Academy inducted new members to its Academic Honor Society on Wednesday.

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Thirty-one New Senior Beta Club Members, nine New Junior Beta Club Members, and eight National Honor Society Members were named.

The new Senior Beta Club Members named were: T.B. Clements, Allen Lightfoot, Molly Bohannon, Brooke Egbert, Grant Arrington, Addison Bond, Walt Bowline, Kylie Calame, Mary Emily Frazer, Elle Gibbs, Wallis Gilmore,

John Braxton Hale, Tayem Hammad, Emma Jones, Travis Jones, Wood Jones, Kathryn Lyon, Caine McLaughlin, Sarah Moore, Cam Patterson, Libby Pearce, Ames Roberts, Emma Kate South, Madalyn Stevens, Caden Tellier, Rhett Thomas, Jacob Wait, Brooke Waters, Martin Wilkinson, Bonnie Woodson, and Casey Yeager.

The Senior Beta Club is comprised of students in 9th grade and up with a 90 cumulative average. 

The Junior Beta Club Members inducted were: Elizabeth Manning, Analeigh Barnes, Leighton Grace Bennett, Allie Crawford, Dallas Moore, Cassidy Peal, Desmond Reese, Madison Sansom, and Anna James Wilkinson. The Junior Beta Club is made up of 7th and 8th graders with a 90 cumulative average.

The National Honor Society inductees were: Jackson Griffin, Luis Montero, Caden Autrey,Reagan Barrett, Anna Brech, Tucker Brooks, Hope Holladay, and Lelia Kelly.

The National Honor Society is comprised of students who have a 93 cumulative average.  During the induction, some of the Senior Beta Club Members as well as other students received their Mu Alpha Theta Cords.

The requirements for that chapter are an A average in both semesters of pre-calculus as a junior and an A average in calculus as a senior.  Those who received cords were: T. B. Clements, Allen Michael Creech, Jackson Griffin, John Allen Ingram, Keenan Lee McHugh, Margaret Mclaughlin, Perrin Utsey, and John Beekman Youngblood.

Morgan Academy Calculus Teacher and Mu Alpha Theta advisor Whitney Holladay said it is a really special thing to have so many students become a part of this academic group.

“Obtaining membership into these academic honoraries is a huge achievement,” Holladay said. “Most of our students participate in multiple sports and other organizations. It is impressive how well they balance so many activities successfully. It is nice to have a day to stop and recognize their hard work.”