Travis Gupton: The right teams made College Football Playoffs

Published 7:33 am Wednesday, December 7, 2022

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Last weekend I was in shock while  I watched football.

TCU lost and so did USC and I thought who in the world would make it to the final four?

The committee had a lot to consider when it came to the final four and the College Football Playoffs.

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There were some good teams knocking on the door just outside the top four. Teams like Ohio State, Penn State, Tennessee, Clemson, and yes Alabama.

ESPN was all over the place before the committee made their selections. They were talking about Alabama actually having a possibility to get into the playoffs.

Now don’t get me wrong, I think Alabama is a great team, but for this year they did not deserve to be in the discussion.

With two losses there was no way that the Crimson Tide would make the playoffs.

I thought Clemson would have made the playoffs before Alabama because Clemson also had two losses, but the Tigers won their conference.

Alabama did not get that opportunity.

The final four ended up being who I thought would make it. 1. Georgia, 2. Michigan, 3. TCU, 4. Ohio State. The Bulldogs face Oho State. Michigan will face the Horned Frogs. Both games are on December 31.

TCU and Ohio State both have one loss while Georgia and Michigan are undefeated.

It was going to take a miracle for a two-loss team to make it to the playoffs. This is why we must have a 12-team playoff. Alabama this year played like a playoff team.

So did Clemson, Penn State, and Tennessee.

I think when we get to the 12-team playoff in a few years, there will be a lot more excitement.

There are so many opportunities for teams now to make a push for a national championship.

This year, however, the right teams made the playoffs.

We are very close to having one of the greatest rivalries in college football the national championship in Ohio State vs Michigan.

I know that it is a rare occurrence for Alabama not to make the playoffs but this year they did not deserve to be there and that is ok.

Alabama will take on Kansas State in the Sugar Bowl on December 31.

That is a New Year’s Six bowl game and a good one at that. The game against Kansas State should be a good one.