Our opinion: we want the youth to enjoy Thanksgiving week

Published 7:02 am Tuesday, November 22, 2022

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Thanksgiving week also represents Fall break in certain School Districts across Dallas County.

Morgan Academy, Meadowview Christian School, Selma City Schools, and Dallas County Schools won[‘t have classes this week.

Thanksgiving was treated differently when a lot of us attended school.

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Some of us remember a time that the only days we were out were Thanksgiving Day and the following Friday.

Besides the different days, our generation had a better awareness of being responsible. We had our share of getting into trouble, but nothing compares to what some of these kids do.

A lot of us were scared to get caught because our parents knew the teachers, coaches, and pastors. We feared getting embarrassed at church or any other public place.

A lot of kids these days don’t care if they get caught and we’re sad at that kind of attitude. We always respected authority and so should they.

Social Media has forever changed the way our future generation of leaders along with Cell Phones. To see what some of these kids post online boggles our minds.

If some of our parents saw the posts, we’d be grounded for life.

We’re praying that the kids have a safe week on Fall Break and enjoy Thanksgiving Day. You’ve got your whole future in front of you. Don’t waste the opportunity. We want you to have fun but stay out of trouble.