Cole Price spoke Tuesday at Selma Quarterback Club

Published 3:39 pm Wednesday, October 5, 2022

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High Tide Traditions General Manager Cole Price was the guest speaker at the Selma Quarterback Club on Tuesday night at the George P. Evans Building.

As the audience ate a delectable spread of pork chops smothered potatoes and green beans provided by Golden Ranch Restaurant, Price discussed the Naming, Image and Likeness procedure.

“I’m in a mixed environment and its surreal to be in Selma talking about the NIL journey,” Price said. “NIL is the new college environment and it’s not going away.”

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Price outlined the pros and cons that NIL brings to college sports, saying it goes beyond football.

“There’s still a lot of questions,” Price said. “Until it changes, we’re in turmoil. The NCAA has to change or we will get a new governing body for college sports.”

Price, who’s based in Tuscaloosa, said the NIL process is still at the early stages.

“Anyone who says that they know how the NIL is going to turn out is a liar,” Price said. “None of the talking heads do. It can be a learning experience for college, whether they are going to play professional sports or become professional in the business world.”