Valley Grande City Council approves 2023 Fiscal Year Budget

Published 9:55 am Tuesday, September 20, 2022

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The Valley Grande City Council unanimously approved its $1.175 million budget for the 2023 Fiscal Year on Monday.

Mayor Wayne Labbe and city council members Kay Davidson, Sara Day, Jane Harris, Robbie Rose and Bruce Hughes all approved the budget 10 days before the Fiscal Year begins on October 1 .

The city budget is over $1 million for the third straight year. Two years ago, it was $1.04 million and $1.1 million in 2022.

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“The city is doing well, we had more money coming in this year,” Labbe said.

Labbe said City Clerk/Treasurer Kim Harris for her hard work in getting the budget together.

Total sales tax accounts for $745,000 of the budget. Other sales tax is totaled at $400,000. The Sellers Use Tax is at $300,000. Tobacco tax revenue is at $14,500. Other taxes are gas tax revenue ($6,500), consumer use tax ($11,000), rental tax ($8,000) and tag and titles ($5,000).

Valley Grande put $347,000 aside for public safety.

For Administration, payroll is set at $85,000. The Mayor and Council salaries are set at $33,600. Payroll expense is set at $20,000.