Selma Mayor talks fiscal year Budget

Published 8:04 am Wednesday, July 27, 2022

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Selma Mayor James Perkins Jr. held a public meeting for the Fiscal Year 2023 Budget proposal.

Only three Selma City Council members attended: Michael Johnson, Atkin Jemison and Lesia James.

All of the Department heads attended, including Danielle Wooten (Planning and Development), Franklin Edwards (Selma Fire Department), John Kinnerson Jr. (IT Department), Dr. Denisha Hendricks (Parks and Recreation), Henry Hicks (Selma Public Works), Aaron Roper (City Tax Collector) and Terri Barnes-Smith (Treasurer).

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The Department heads presented their budget proposals, some increased, other decreased. Some departments also requested training and travel expenses.

Perkins said that the city council refused to talk with department heads.

Hicks said the city council of wanting to speak with department heads individually.

Under Perkins’ plan, the  FY2023 budget will increase by $3,359 million from last year. The amended budget by the city council for 2022 was $20 million.

From the city’s fund balance, they are budgeting $2 million of excess revenue. As of June 30, the fund balance is $5.6 million. Perkins said budgeting $2 million leaves three month of reserve on hand for operating purposes.

Here are other highlights from the public hearing:

-City minimum wage is proposed at $12 per hour. Truck drivers and heavy-duty equipment operators get paid $16 per hour.

-A 5 percent pay increase for employees that are being paid under the minimum.

-Bids are going out for banking services.