Our opinion: Spring break is time for kids to have fun, relax and recharge

Published 9:24 am Sunday, March 20, 2022

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Spring break for Dallas County Private and Public schools officially starts this weekend.

Selma City Schools, Dallas County Schools and Morgan Academy are all out of school next week.

Some parents are taking their children out of town, with a beach as a popular spot. Other kids will stay in town.

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We’ve gone through spring break as teenagers and always enjoyed the week-long vacation from cramming for an exam or preparing for a research paper.

We understand kids need a break from the stress of passing a test or receiving a good grade on a term paper. We have no problem with that. We all need a getaway every once in a while. High school is a stressful time that can lead to burnout. Having the time to recharge is very important.

We encourage the youth to have fun and enjoy the time with family and friends. Take the time to not think about school, stay out of trouble and enjoy the break.  You deserved it.