Selma City Council approves key Resolutions

Published 2:08 pm Friday, January 28, 2022

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The Selma City Council approved several key Resolutions at its meeting on Tuesday night at City Hall.

The entire city council was present: President Billy Young, Councilwomen Lesia James, Christie Thomas, Jannie Thomas, Councilmen Sam Randolph, Atkin Jemison, Clay Carmichael, Troy Harvill and Michael Johnson and Selma Mayor James Perkins Jr.

Both resolutions came under the Mayor’s report and introduced by Planning and Development Director Danielle Wooten.

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Resolution 144-21/22 is submitting a  Pre-Application Grant to the Alabama Department of Environmental  Management. It’s the American Rescue Plan ACT funding program for  Storm Water and drainage project for the City of Selma not to exceed $25 million.

Resolution 14-21/22 is submitting a pre-application grant to ADEM for sewer projects in the city of Selma that will not exceed $25 million.

The council approved the resolutions and gave Wooten authority to submit the application.

Perkins said he was glad to see the City of Selma officials (Mayor’s Office, city council) and Water Works Department are working together.

The council also approved Resolution 137-21/22, Dilapidated structures in the city.

Each council member received a list of buildings and homes in a state of disrepair.

City officials are trying to get the owners of neglected properties  to clean them up because the properties are a health and safety hazard.

Code Enforcement Director Steven Hendrieth said the list of over 300 broken down buildings throughout the city.

Council members plan to spend time in their wards to clean up before negligent owners be cited and have lien placed on their property.

In other council news:

-Perkins and city council will continue to work on the city wide camera system.  Over the next few days, Perkins said that he will send the council questions via email to discuss the subject.

-A COVID ordinance for City employees was put on first read and will voted on the near future.

City Attorney Major Madison discussed the issue with council members.

-Perkins and Madison went into a 30 minute Executive Session with the council.