Selma City Council, Mayor run into roadblock over 2022 Fiscal Budget

Published 8:10 am Monday, September 27, 2021

The Selma City Council and Mayor James Perkins Jr. hit a roadblock in finalizing plans for the 2022 Fiscal Budget.

The city council has worked on the budget for the last three weeks, but Perkins said at Thursday’s city council work Session he hasn’t presented a budget to them.

The current Fiscal year ends next Thursday, September 30 and the 2022 year starts October 1.

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The council was working on a budget presented to them by Dawn Taylor, Perkins’ secretary. Taylor emailed the budget to Carneetie Ellison, the council Administrative Assistant.

“Once the budget was turned over to us, we started working on it,” Young said. “The Mayor was here with us.”

Via ZOOM conference, Perkins said he wasn’t involved in the process.

“There was no involvement with the Mayor,” Perkins said. “The council can’t decide a budget. You’re preparing a budget and presenting a budget to yourself. The budget starts in the Mayor’s office.”

Young said the council worked with the Department Heads on the budget. “The Department heads were polite even when we told them we couldn’t give them what they asked for,” Young said.

Perkins disagreed.

“It’s unfair to move on with the budget you’re preparing,” Perkins said. “The Department heads do a great job running their departments,

but none of them are able to run the city.”

Young said that the council will vote on a budget at Tuesday’s city council meeting. “We’re going to vote on a budget, Young said. “We’ll do what it takes. Everything will be alright.”

City Councilman Clay Carmichael said one alternative would be is sticking to the current budget.

Young said City Councilman Troy Harvill will look over the budget and send it to Perkins.

“I have a right to submit a budget to the city council,” Perkins said.

Perkins said he plans to talk with the Department heads before presenting a budget to the council.