It’s official: school year underway

Published 7:25 am Monday, August 23, 2021

The Selma City Schools was the last Dallas County school system to start the 2021-22 school year.

Schools in the SCC system officially opened Monday morning.

Dallas County Schools and Morgan Academy started last Monday, August 9. Meadowview Christian School opened last Friday.

It’s always great to see the Selma/Dallas County chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha make their annual stop to welcome teachers and students back for another school year.

The Black Belt Alphas visited Southside High School and Edgewater Elementary School this year.

For the second straight year, the COVID-19 pandemic clouds hangs over the school system.  Masks and social distance are both required.

Several football games were canceled in the public school system because of COVID.

Keith High and Southside both overcame the coronavirus to earn state playoff berths.

We’re optimistic that the pandemic won’t affect any of the schools. If the Pandemic gets worse, we’ve got faith that the school systems have a plan to protect the teachers, students and other employees

Good luck, teachers and students. This includes Selma and Dallas County residents who are teaching in other places. Have a great school year.