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Selma City Council agrees to fix Lauderdale St. cave-in

The Selma City Council approved to fix the drainage line between Lauderdale Street and Selma Avenue.

Perkins said the cost can come from the Oil Lease, which is $213,000. The council voted to fix the cave-in.

Hogg addressed the council  and it would cost over $166,500 to fix. He added that it would take two 24-inch pipes, one at Selma Avenue and the other at Dallas Avenue.

City Council President Billy Young said it was the right thing to do after Perkins, Engineer Ray Hogg and Public Works Director Henry Hicks discussed the issue at last week’s City Council Work Session.

Councilwoman Jannie Thomas disagreed with Young, saying “it was unfair to cut the rest of the council off.” She asked if the money could come out of the American Rescue Plan.

Perkins said he couldn’t answer Thomas’ question, but  City Councilman Clay Carmichael said drainage is included in that plan.

Young said, “We can do much better together than apart. The courthouse can be used by everyone.”     

Young added that issues in the other Wards will be addressed in the future.

The city council also approved transfers for vehicle repairs in Public Works valued over $12,000, including vehicle repairs, membership dues and auto fuel.

The city council approved  IT System upgrade as recommended by IT Director John Kinnerson. It costs $9,317 and covered under line items.

In other council news:

-The city council approved for VMSS to staff a Treasurer for 30 days or until one is hired. The position pays $120 an hour.

-A meeting between the city council and Department heads is still being worked out.

Councilman Michael Johnson prefers a Tuesday meeting.

Perkins said he hadn’t gotten back with them on a date.

-The city council plans to meet with Perkins in budget hearings real soon.

“We have a lot of things to discuss,” Perkins said.

The city council had problems with the Mayor’s budget. Perkins planned to address that issue soon.

-Perkins told the council to look at his memo where he vetoed the NPG LLC Contract.

The council planned to vote on the contract Tuesday, but took it off the consent agenda after SPD officer Marquis Moorer was murdered.