Lineman Appreciation Day Honors Alabama’s Selfless Utility Workers

Published 11:29 am Monday, June 7, 2021

The Energy Institute of Alabama celebrated Alabama Lineman Appreciation Day on Monday.

The first Monday in June is a day to worship the state’s utility workers, praising the hard-working men and women who ensure statewide residents enjoys safe and reliable power.

“This past year with the devastating tornadoes and hurricanes throughout our state, we were reminded all too often of the incredible commitment and service from Alabama’s linemen,” Governor Kay Ivey said in a release. “We honor those individuals today and remember those who were injured on the job or tragically lost their lives.”

EIA Chairman Seth Hammett said the workers are backbone of working during bad weather.

“These men and women are the backbone of our dependable energy infrastructure and, importantly, are some of the first responders immediately following catastrophic events who work tirelessly to quickly and safely restore the power,” Hammett said. “We are eternally grateful to the over 2,000 linemen represented by EIA member companies.”

Alabama Lineman Appreciation Day was established by the legislature in 2014. Former state Representative April Weaver sponsored the resolution establishing the designated day.

Lineworkers are also celebrated nationally on April 18, following a 2013 resolution passed by Congress to “recognize linemen, the profession of linemen and contributions of these brave men and women who protect public safety.”