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City of Selma recognizes Organ Tissue Donation Awareness Month

The City of Selma made a proclamation honoring Dr. Patricia Robinson for Organ Tissue Donation Awareness Month on Friday at City Hall.

Selma Mayor James Perkins Jr., Selma City Council President Billy Young, Selma School Board member Danielle Wooten and Tabernacle Baptist Church Pastor Otis D. Culliver were present.

Robinson, the Health and Human Services’ facet Chair of the Selma Links, said being an organ donor is important.

“To the citizens of Selma, being an organ donor can impact others,” Robinson said. “Death comes to us all, but being an organ donor is acknowledging the gift that God has given others to save lives.”

Young, who was also representing the 100 black men of Selma, said the Queen City supports organ donation.

Culliver, Perkins and Wooten all said that organ donation is important and an opportunity to save lives.