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Regional Task Force coming to Selma in January

The Regional Task Force will be coming to Selma next month.

According to Dallas County District Attorney Michael Jackson, the Task Force will be in the Queen City for several weeks.

Jackson said the Task Force spent several weeks in Wilcox County, attempting to clean up murders in Selma. The city has 11 murders from violent shootings, three more than last year.

“I have been in constant contact with the Regional Task Force to get them to Selma to help get the Drug Dealers and Gunslingers off the streets in Selma,” Jackson said.

Jackson said the Fourth Circuit Drug Task Force, the 17th Circuit Drug Task force, agents out of Demopolis, Greensboro, ALEA, the Selma Police Department, and the Dallas County Sheriff Office will join forces in this effort.

“The goal is to get the streets in Selma and Dallas County so quiet, you can hear a pin drop,” Jackson said.