District Attorney Michael Jackson announces recognition of National Crime Victims’ Rights Week

Published 4:50 pm Thursday, April 23, 2020

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In recognition of National Crime Victims’ Rights Week, District Attorney Michael Jackson announced that this upcoming week is generally marked with activities in individual communities across the state and nation.

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, most community events that were scheduled to take place this week have been canceled.

“Like the changes all of us have made in our lives, we too can change,” said Jackson. “Our activities to commemorate this week will move online to our virtual communities.”

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According to Jackson, the Dallas, Perry, Hale, Wilcox and Bibb County District Attorney’s Office plays a unique role in assisting the victims of crimes.

“It is our shared mission to ensure Alabama’s crime victims’ rights are respected, that each victim is treated with dignity and each is provided with assistance to thrive in their new reality,” said Jackson. “Whether that is shelter assistance for a domestic violence victim, counseling for a

child of abuse or financial compensation through Alabama’s Victim Compensation Fund, we will

endeavor in each act we perform to help in healing and end any further victimization.”

According to Jackson Alabama’s Victim’s Bill of Rights was enacted into law almost 30 years ago.

“Prior to that historical and important legislation, victims were often excluded from the justice system – both physically and emotionally,” said Jackson. “Many were not allowed in courtroom, most were not informed of the outcomes of their cases and others were denied the opportunity to speak at a sentencing or parole hearing.”

“Today, next week and every day going forward, we will continue to assist, include, and respect

the victims of crime and their families, as we seek to ensure justice is served in all corners of a

courtroom and all corners of the great state of Alabama,” said Jackson. “My office together with 41 other Alabama district attorneys make up the Alabama District Attorneys Association (ADAA.) As prosecutors, we carry the highest burden in the Alabama justice system, each tasked with protecting the citizens of Alabama, providing a voice to victims and seeking justice for all. District attorneys provide support and guidance to victims of crime, build partnerships with service providers and are committed to empowering victims and preventing further victimization.”