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Primary winners discuss plans, prepare for March 31 runoff

Tuesday night’s election results revealed several changes to come in Dallas County after the ballots for all 30 precincts made it to the Dallas County Probate Judge’s office.
District 1 Dallas County Commissioner incumbent Valerie Reubin fell marginally to challenger Connel Towns by a mere 20 votes with Reubin receiving 1,129 and Towns receiving 1,149.
Towns received 49.56 percent of the vote while Reubin received 49.56.
This will be a return to the Dallas County Commission for Towns.
Towns held the seat before Reubin was elected in 2016 for four terms, 16 years.
“People felt like Reubin was going backwards and a change was needed,” said Towns. “I’m really pleased with the results. The people in the community have trust in me.”
When he returns to the Commission in January, Towns says he’ll focus his efforts on helping senior citizens, the Dallas County School System and repairing County Roads.
Reubin wished Towns success during his return to the Dallas County Commission and said she’d continue to serve the people of Dallas County until her term was up.
“Somebody had to win and somebody had to lose,” she said. “Everything happens for a reason.”
District 2 Dallas County Commissioner incumbent Roy Moore was also voted out of his seat Tuesday night, receiving just 25.42 percent of the vote.
“It’s just one of those things,” said the Commissioner.
Moore thanked the citizens of District 2 for all of their support over his 28 years as commissioner.
“The people of District 2 are some of the best in the whole county,” said Moore.
The District 2 seat of the Dallas County Commission will head to a runoff election on March 31 between Michael Irwin who received 38.64 percent of the vote and Vivian Rogers who received 35.93 percent of the vote.
Moore congratulated Irwin and Rogers on their advancement to the runoff.
“They ran a good race,” he said.
“I feel good about the results, but there’s still a long way to go,” said Rogers. “I hope everyone will continue to support me on March 31.”
District 3 Dallas County Commissioner Curtis Williams was the only incumbent commissioner to receive an overwhelming majority of the vote on Tuesday with 76.08 percent of the vote over challenger Channie Chapman.
The District 4 seat of the Dallas County Commission will also head to a runoff election on March 31 between Jan Justice who received 38.25 percent of the vote and William Lumpkin who received 23.88 percent of the vote.
“I want to praise God for getting me this far,” said Justice. “It’s not that the voters believed in me, but that they believed we could make a difference in Dallas County.”
Lumpkin thanked his voters for their support over the “long journey” leading up to the primary election and hopes for more support during the runoff.
Incumbent Larry Nickles received only 21.20 percent of the vote.
“I’m disappointed and my supporters are disappointed, but I’m content with God’s plan for me,” said Nickles.
While disappointed in his loss, Nickels also said the news came with some relief form the stresses that accompany being a County Commissioner.
“I hope that whoever comes in as Commissioner is ready to answer the phone 24-7 or they’re going to be one and done,”he said.
Nickels said that the condition of Dallas County Roads likely had a lot to do with the election results.
“That’s the issue that voters were focused on, Roads.” said Nickels.
Nickles said he has enjoyed working with the current county commission, and commended Moore, Reubin and Williams on their efforts.
Janet Frasier and Tanika Wagner-Neely will also face off on the March 31 runoff ballot for Dallas County Tax Collector.
Frasier received 37.36 percent of the vote while Wagner – Neely brought in 42 percent.
The third candidate for Tax Collector, Kourtney Nelson, received only 20.64 percent.
“I feel great, I’m excited and I’m ready for the run-off,” said Wagner-Neely. “Getting to the run off means a lot. I ran for this position in 2008, but was unsuccessful. I never gave up, stayed with the same vision and I’m in a position to win again.”
“I’m really excited about the results,” said Frasier. “We’re going to start over and get ready for the runoff election. I want to thank everyone for their support and remind everyone to come back and vote on March 31.”
Carroll Bonner won the majority vote, 67.41 percent, over Weida Sheehan, who serves as the current Dallas County Tax Assessor.