Brantley staff makes sure students have a merry Christmas

Published 8:44 am Thursday, December 19, 2019

The faculty and staff of Brantley Elementary School came together to make sure that all 214 of its students will have a gift to open for Christmas.

“This was a vision that was given to me as the leader to ensure that all of our students leave with some form of a token of appreciation or present prior to Christmas,” said Brantley Elementary School Principal Adrienne Lee.

Everyone of Brantley’s students will take home a stocking stuffed with small gifts over the Christmas holidays.

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In addition to a small gift for every student, Brantley ‘s faculty and staff worked together to purchase gifts for eight families in need this Christmas.

“We probably have about 100 gifts for those eight families,” said Brantley Elementary School Counselor Lakeshia Lewis.

“Even one small gift is a token to let them know that somebody cares,” said Teacher Aide Margaret Crumb. “That’s what these students need to know. That somebody cares.”

Lee said that the school’s entire staff pitched in to help every student have a merry Christmas.

“Bus drivers, janitors, the whole entire staff pitched in to ensure that those students have a smile on their face when they wake up on Christmas day.”

Lee said that watching the school’s faculty and staff make an effort to help its students was a heartfelt experience.

“I know that the staff made a lot of sacrifices to do this,” she said.

“We’re letting the students know they’re loved,” added Crumb. “We’re looking out for the whole being of the student, not just their education.”

Lee announced the Christmas gifts are just the beginning for giving at Brantley.

In January, the school will open a food pantry so students will be able to take home food over the weekend and holidays and a Brantley Kids Closet, where they can pick up clothes to wear.

Lee added that a donor has provided the school with a washer and a dryer as well so that students can have their dirty clothes washed.

“We want students to have the resources they need available on site,” said Lee.