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‘A Day with Harriet’ teaches valuable lessons

Many thanks should be extended to The Walton Theater and Bridge Academy Selma for sponsoring a fun and educational activity Saturday afternoon that gave young people the opportunity to learn the true story of Harriet Tubman, while also diving into some of the lesser-known parts of her story with hands-on activities.

Throughout the morning, children were hard at work painting gourds and pumpkins or portraits of Tubman, while also being treated to stories read by two local principals.

Efforts of this type are of immense value to any community and are indeed a rarity – how often does one have the opportunity to have their children enjoy learning history in such a way?

Tubman’s story is invaluable on its own, but linking it to lessons on agriculture, astronomy and mathematics was a stroke of genius that will inevitably pay untold dividends in the future.

The only downside to the day is one that cannot be easily resolved and is indeed at the center of many efforts in the area and across the country – not one white child was in attendance for the event.

Event organizer CeCe Grayson noted as much when discussing the event last week, but the reality was much more stark than one could have imagined.

While these powerful lessons are being taught, perhaps we must also be willing to be powerful learners, people willing to break racial barriers and foster a common education that includes friendship, generosity, kindness, tolerance and understanding.