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Artist sells works to benefit DCFRC

Birmingham artist Tres Taylor is selling art work to benefit the Dallas County Family Resource Center (DCFRC) in Selma.

The works Taylor is selling to benefit the DCFRC are “tarpestry” monks – hand painted monks carved on tar paper and ready to hang like a tapestry.

The 9 inch by 36 inch “tarpestry” monks have been discounted from $150 to $75. With shipping and handling costs, the works total $95.

All proceeds benefit the DCFRC.

Taylor is a contemporary self-taught painter who works with house paint and acrylics on roofing paper with putty, into which he carves his images.

Examples of Taylor’s work are murals in Oaxaca, Mexico, nearby Birmingham and locally at Phoenix Park.

The collaboration between Taylor and the DCFRC came about a few months ago when DCFRC Program Coordinator Amy Carmichael met Taylor when he was painting the mural at Phoenix Park a few months ago.

“His work just has so many great nuances,” said Carmichael. “I just love the colors and the uniqueness. I love driving by that mural.”

Carmichael recently reached out to Taylor to ask him to contribute to the DCFRC’s upcoming Christmas Tree walk Fundraiser.

After the two spoke Taylor came back with another idea to raise money for the DCFRC by selling the tarpestries.

The DCFRC helps the less fortunate citizens of the Selma – Dallas County area through several programs, including emergency assistance and classes teaching parenting skills and financial literacy.

According to Carmichael, the DCFRC will use the proceeds from Taylor’s works to fund its programs and cover the costs of the DCFRC’s upcoming move to a new building.

Tarpestry monks can be purchased by sending a personal message to Taylor through his Facebook profile at https://www.facebook.com/TresTaylorArtist/