New community center is important to our city

Published 7:31 pm Monday, October 21, 2019

The dedication ceremony is fast approaching next month for the Edmundite Missions’ Dr. Michael and Catherine Bullock Community and Recreation Center.

Edmundite Missions CEO and President Chad McEachern is excited about the construction and we are as well.

“We’ve been really listening to the community about what the desired programs are and we’re going to keep doing just that,” McEachern said. “The Missions has been responsive to the needs of those we serve for over 80 years and we’ll continue to be as responsive as possible with this center.”

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“The Missions has been an incredibly dynamic organization for over 80 years and we don’t have any plans on stopping now,” McEachern said. “While I can’t discuss specifics just yet, I hope everyone knows we are going to continue working towards improving our campus right here in the heart of Selma and providing for the changing needs of those in poverty.”

This new center is something that will be a light for the community and will allow the youth to have a place to go to that supports them.

There are numerous places that are a place of support for our youth. However, an extra one is always needed.

If these entities work together, it is something that can keep not only our youth, but all that need the services from the Edmundites.

“Just like the rooms in the center itself, the center has many goals,” McEachern said. “The two most important, I believe, are to be a place where the community can come together and provide a place for the Missions to identify those who may be in need of more of our services. Especially as we work with our kids, this center will attract young men and women who will be excited to come play basketball and it gives us a chance to offer tutoring services, ACT prep and more.”

We look forward to the completion of the center and look forward to the impact it will have on our community.