Wild Game Cook-Off hits Selma

Published 8:31 pm Thursday, October 17, 2019

The corner of Water Avenue and Church Street was bustling with activity Thursday night as the 2019 Alabama Wildlife Federation’s Annual Wild Game Cook-off took place.
Hungry outdoor enthusiasts from all across Dallas County came together to sample the exotic delicacies on display from several teams including barbecued rabbit, slow smoked wild boar, red snapper tacos and venison and alligator fried dumplings.
“It’s a great way for people to come together and showcase the food of Dallas County,” said Emily Hancock of Hancock’s Barbecue, who was serving Asian slaw with seared tuna, peanut and dove stew and the aforementioned venison and alligator fried dumplings.
“We hunt all year just for this event,” said Hancock.
Many of the attendees at the Wild Game Cook-off share Hancock’s love of the outdoors.
“A lot of these guys are hunters and fisherman,” said Dallas County Sheriff Mike Granthum, who serves as one of the cook-off’s judges each year.
“There’s a really great sense of camaraderie. All these guys have great stories,” he said.
In addition to the camaraderie the event provides amongst local outdoorsmen the event also serves as a way to introduce wild game to those who are unfamiliar.
“The event has really humble beginnings,” said Alabama Wildlife Federation Wild Game Cook-off Coordinator Tommy Tidwell. “The whole thing really began as a way to introduce wild game to a larger crowd.”
There was plenty of wild game on the menu Friday night.
A wide variety of fish, fowl and game lined the tables as the hungry crowd partook of the bounty.

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