Dallas County to receive $1.8 million for roads

Published 3:21 pm Friday, October 11, 2019

Gov. Kay Ivey and the Alabama Department of Transportation (ALDOT) announced that more than $30 million is being awarded to cities and counties throughout the state for various road and bridge projects.

There were 28 projects selected for funding for a total of $30.13 million from ALDOT. Half of the successful applications from cities and counties put forward local funds, for a total of approximately $9.5 million. However, matching funds was not a requirement to be eligible.

The projects were selected by the ATRIP-II Committee created by the Rebuild Alabama Act. It is anticipated that all projects will be under contract during the 2020 fiscal year, after bids are taken. Projects are required to move forward within two years of the awarding of funds.

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Dallas County is among the recipients of the award money.

The county will receive $1,816,895 to realign and widen AL-41, add a turn lane on US-80W and add an acceleration lane on US-80 E at the intersection of AL- 41 and US-80.

Funding for the infrastructure improvements across the state has been made available through the Alabama Transportation Rehabilitation and Improvement Program-II (ATRIP-II), a new program created under the Rebuild Alabama Act.

The Rebuild Alabama Act requires ATRIP-II to be an annual program setting aside a minimum of $30 million off the top of ALDOT’s share of new gas tax revenue for projects of local interest on the state highway system.

“An investment in our roads and bridges is an investment in the future of Alabama,” said Ivey. “I am proud to see projects resulting from the Rebuild Alabama Act already getting off the ground. Soon, every Alabama citizen will feel the benefits from this additional investment in our infrastructure.”