Meet the Wallace Community College-Selma SGA officers

Published 11:39 am Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Wallace Community College-Selma recently named its Student Government Association (SGA) officers for the 2019-2020 school year.

The new officers are Tiffany Howard, President, Trinity Carter, Vice-President, Jorge’ Undra Dower, Secretary, Clint Rose, Treasurer, Kaymon McGuire, Sergeant at Arms, Jarrica Duyer and Jaleria Gibson, Public Relations, Shamiyah Hall, Freshman Representative, Lydia Hendrieth, Sophomore, Kianna Thomas, Activities Coordinator, Shania Hall, Assistant Secretary and Ja’Kira Simmons, Technology Coordinator.

The non-SGA officers are Gabriel Crum, Jalon Holmes, Christina Martin, Justin McGuire, Zully Montero, Calandra Morrow, Al’Taviion Rucker, Bruce Swain, Alisha Thomas, Kianna Thomas and Denetra Whitlock.

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Howard was the SGA secretary last year and sees the jump to President as a challenge.

“It’s a big difference moving up,” Howard said. “We have enough people in the SGA to do a lot of things.”

Carter said her role is to improve conditions for WCCS students.

“My position as Vice President is to help and install things to get done,” Carter said. “My goal is to push forward.”

SGA Advisor Corey Bowie, who’s also the Selma City Council President, said the theme is “One vision, one voice.”

“The SGA will be the voice for the students on campus and serve in the community, I’m advocating for the students to have experience at WCCS,” Bowie said.