Selma Rotary Club holds raffle

Published 6:31 pm Wednesday, September 11, 2019

The Selma Rotary Club is currently selling tickets for its raffle in order to raise money to fund scholarships for deserving area students.
“Every year the [Selma] Rotary Club tries to help the community in certain ways,” said Selma Rotary Club President James Steele. “Right now, what we’re trying to do is raise money for scholarships for the youth.”
Steele added that September is education month for Selma’s Rotarians.
The community leaders plan to hear from guests at the coming Rotary meetings who work in education.
For example, at Monday’s meeting the group will travel to Southside High School’s (SHS) new state of the Art Multimedia Studio where they’ll learn about the programs SHS student are engaging in to prepare them for potential future careers in technology.
According to Steele, Selma Rotary Club Member Jerria Martin, who also serves as Executive Director with Drug Free Communities of Dallas County (DFC), heads up the committee in selecting students as scholarship recipients.
“We’re making sure that really deserving students are getting scholarships,” said Steele.
Steele cited 2019 Dallas County High School Valedictorian Preston McGee as one of the recipients Martin chose last year for a scholarship.
“That young man is excellent, and he was a scholarship winner last year,” said Steele.
Steele said that the way the raffle works is simple.
Those willing to help contribute to the scholarship fund can purchase a ticket for $100 and be entered to win $5,000.
“You get the chance to win $5,000 and your also helping kids get to that next level,” said Steele. “It’s a win-win for everybody.”
Steele says the Rotarians have a $12,000 goal in mind for the scholarship fund, but obviously would like to raise as much as they can.
On Tuesday, Oct. 29, the raffle will take place at Memorial Field, where the Rotarians will also be handing out chicken plates to everyone who purchased a ticket for the raffle. Each ticket includes four plates.
“We’re going to make somebody happy,” joked Steele.
Steele says tickets for the raffle can be purchased at Domino’s Pizza, Vaughan Regional Medical Center or from any member of the Selma Rotary Club.
Tickets can also be purchased by calling (334) 407-8504.

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