Black Voters Matter holds Forum in Selma

Published 3:33 pm Wednesday, August 7, 2019

On Tuesday, the 54th Anniversary of the signing of the Voting Rights Act, non-profit organization Black Voters Matter (BVM) held a Voting Rights forum and celebration at the George P. Evans Reception building.

The event was held to celebrate those who made the Voting Rights Act of 1965 possible and spark a discussion about voting rights issues communities like Selma still face.

The event wasn’t all serious though, a live band performed upbeat music while attendees enjoyed food by Chef “Mama” Callie Greer from the Selma Center for Nonviolence, Truth and Reconciliation (SCNTR).

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Local leaders and activist groups were among those in attendance at the forum including Anika Sanders Jackson and Mark Myles from the SCNTR as well as Jo Ann Bland the co-founder and former director of the National Voting Rights Museum in Selma.

Black Belt Community Foundation (BBCF) President Felecia Lucky was also in attendance at Tuesday’s forum to show her support for BVM and represent the BBCF.

“BBCF has been fortunate to partner with Black Voters Matter over the last couple of years,” said Lucky.  “While the Black Belt Community Foundation is a nonpartisan organization, we are working to ensure that organizations throughout the Black Belt are given the necessary tools to fully engage residents in exercising their right to vote.  We have been successful in giving organizations access to these tools by providing trainings that have been conducted by BVM. Last night was a time to celebrate those who have successfully participated in trainings and to set the stage that every vote is important…especially votes from the Black Belt region.”