This weekend, prepare for big school shopping

Published 4:55 pm Thursday, July 18, 2019

It is the time most parents of students anticipate as this weekend will be the annual Tax Free Weekend on school supplies.

Among the items that will be tax-exempt over the weekend are clothing items, including diapers and footwear, costing $100 or less, a variety of school supplies costing $50 or less, computers and computer equipment costing $750 or less and all books costing $30 or less.

Expect big crowds.

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Dallas County Schools Superintendent Hattie Shelton noted that many parents hold out on shopping until the tax-free weekend, hoping to get all of the necessary supplies for the school year as cheap as possible.

It is important to stay organized in your school supply buying and to know how to navigate.

This is also an opportunity to truly shop local by keeping all purchases inside Dallas County.

Most school supplies needed can be found in local stores.