Commission renames road in honor of activists

Published 10:22 am Wednesday, July 10, 2019

The subject of County Road 45 was revisited by the Dallas County Commission at Monday evening’s meeting.

Perry County Commissioner Albert Turner, Jr. came before the Commission at the last meeting to request the commission pass a resolution agreeing to work with Perry County to resurface County Road 45 as well as rename the entirety of the road to Jimmy Lee Jackson – Albert Turner, Sr. Memorial Highway.

At Monday’s meeting, the commission unanimously voted to name the 2.9 miles of County Road 45 in Dallas County to Jimmy Lee Jackson – Albert Turner, Sr. Memorial Highway.

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Commissioner Curtis Williams vocalized his support for the renaming if the road, citing both Jimmy Lee Jackson and Albert Turner Sr. as “major players’ in the Civil Rights Movement.

Williams also promised that the Dallas County Commission would work with the Perry County Commission in the future to have the entirety of the road repaved.

“It would be a great honor to work together on that particular road,” he said.

Commission Larry Nickles also expressed his support for the renaming, and future repaving, of the road.

Nickles described the road as a “win-win” for both Dallas and Perry County, as many of the tourists who travel from Selma to Marion and vice-versa use the road.

Turner agreed with Nichols, confirming how heavily the road is traveled.

“We did 85 buses last year,” said Turner.