Libraries important for our community

Published 3:45 pm Wednesday, June 12, 2019

It is true that libraries across the nation have become something that offers way more than just books to check out.

The Selma-Dallas County Public Library is definitely proof of that with events that go well beyond the rows of books that are available.

This week so far we have seen a reptile show and a petting zoo that has attracted numerous patrons to the library.

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Events like these are important especially when it comes to attracting newer patrons to libraries.

Libraries are essential for any community. They are important partners in sustainability and are important for our development.

Most importantly for our area, the library is a storage of history in the town and one that is used by people all over.

The library is something we often take for granted, but in our community, it is a pillar and one that many people use as an important tool in their life everyday.

From research, adult education and children programs, the Selma-Dallas County Public Library is doing a great amount of good in our community.

It is a place that we should support at all times.