WCCS celebrates graduation

Published 4:56 pm Friday, May 10, 2019

The festivities at Wallace Community College- Selma (WCCS) on Friday served as a pivotal moment in many people’s lives as they walked across the stage and received a diploma.

WCCS President Dr. James Mitchell led the graduating class of 2018-2019 down the aisle as loved ones watched their soon to be graduates take their seats before Mitchell’s opening remarks.

Before Mitchell introduced the graduation ceremony’s guest speaker, he delivered a few words encouraging the graduates to do the right thing and to stand up for what is right.

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“Just as this is the end of a process you started two or more years ago, it is also a beginning of a new world for you to contribute to,” said Mitchell. “You must stand up and speak out. All lives matter. Do your part to make this world a better place for all, not just the privileged few.”

After his introductory remarks, Mitchell introduced the ceremony’s guest speaker, Larry Thornton, Owner of Thornton Enterprises, Inc.

The overlying theme of Thornton’s message was that the soon to be graduate were the master of their own destinies and that they have the power to achieve whatever they wish to.

“It doesn’t matter where you’ve been,” said Thornton, “Or even where you are right now. It matters where you’re going and what you’re willing to do to get there.”

After Thornton’s commencement speech, Dr. Tammie Briggs, Dean of Instruction, presented the James M. Mitchell award to Dante King.

According to Briggs, the James M. Mitchell award is the highest honor that can be bestowed to a student at WCCS.