SCS administrators shadow students for a day

Published 6:17 pm Monday, May 6, 2019

On Monday, students in Selma City Schools were visited by the people who see to the day-to-day operations of the school system.

Selma City Schools Superintendent Dr. Avis Williams and other members of the central office administrators spent the day shadowing students in different schools in the system.

Williams said it was a learning experience for all the employees and that it would benefit from knowing how to move forward with operations in the system.

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“All of our central office administrators are in schools today,” said Williams. “I spent my morning in Meadowview and in Kingston in the afternoon and the point is to get an understanding of what It is like to be a student in Selma City Schools. When we come together in our cabinet meeting this week, we will debrief and really just discuss what we learned and determine ways we can improve the learning environments in our schools.”

Williams said it was a fast-paced environment but that the students were keeping up with the lessons in the fifth-grade class at Meadowview.

“It is fast paced and they are doing some really rigorous work in fifth-grade,” she said. “I got a lesson in coding today, which was fun. Ri’Kiya was able to help me and instruct me.”

Williams said she was impressed by the students that she worked with adding they are very much aware of events that are going on in the community.

“Our kids are confident,” she said. “They know what they want to do and they know a lot about what is happening in our community which is good to hear that they are aware.”