Fish fry benefits Little Friends

Published 5:37 pm Thursday, April 11, 2019

St. Paul’s Little Friends School hosted their annual Fish Fry Fundraiser on Thursday night.

This year marked the 16th year that the school has held the popular fundraiser.

Over the years, the fish fry has become a much-anticipated event in the community.

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Cars lined up along an entire block of Lauderdale Street in front of the school to pick up their boxes filled with catfish, hushpuppies, french-fries, coleslaw and a homemade brownie.

Keeping the event running smoothly was a team effort as one group fried up the catfish, hushpuppies and french-fries under a large tent, another group assembled the boxes of food and others rushed the hot meals out to cars.

The small pre-school relies on fundraisers in order to provide students with the best available.

According to Little Friends School Director Rachel Colley, the school’s playground equipment was funded from the proceeds raised by former fish fry fundraisers.

“It does very well for us each year,” said Colley. “The community really shows up to support us.”

Colley says that the school doesn’t have a project earmarked for this year’s proceeds, but Little Friend’s is always looking for way to benefit the students.

“It’s a support system,” a woman says as she walks up to grab her food. “And the food is always really good too.”