Queen City Basketball Classic will be held at WCCS

Published 5:23 pm Friday, March 29, 2019

The Queen City Basketball Classic will be held this weekend at Wallace Community College-Selma.

The two-day, three division tournament starts Saturday morning at 9 a.m. and concludes with the championship Sunday at 7 p.m.

Division 1 is filled with TNA, Tuskegee, Warriors 5th, Warriors 6th and Wilcox. Division 2 has TNA, Wilcox, GTA 9th and Warriors 8th.  Division 3 consists of TNA, Roadrunner, Warriors and GTA 11th.

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Tickets are $8 daily, $2 two-and-under and $12 weekend pass.

Here’s the schedule:


9 a.m. Tuskegee vs. Wilcox (D1);

10 a.m. TNA vs. Warriors 5th (D1)

11a.m. Warriors 6th   vs. Wilcox (D1)

Noon Wilcox vs. Warriors 8th (D2)

1 p.m. Warriors 5th vs. Tuskegee (D1)

2 p.m. TNA vs. Warriors 6th (D1)

3 p.m. Warriors 8th vs GTA 9th (D2)

4 p.m. Roadrunners vs Warriors (D3)

5 p.m. TNA vs Wilcox (D2)

6 p.m. Warriors vs GTA 11th (D3)

7 p.m. TNA vs Roadrunners (D3)

8 p.m. GTA 9th vs. TNA (D2)

9 p.m. TNA vs GTA 11th (D3)

Queen City Classic will be held at WCCS

8 a.m. Warriors 6th vs. Tuskegee (D1)

9 a.m. Warriors 5th vs. Wilcox (D1)

10 a.m. Wilcox vs GTA 9th (D2)

11 a.m. TNA vs Warriors 8th (D2)

Noon GTA 11th vs Roadrunners (D3)

1 p.m. TNA vs. Warriors (D3)

2 p.m., 3 p.m. Playoff (D1)

5 p.m. D 2 championship

6 p.m. D1 championship

7 p.m. D3 championship