Excitement surrounds Sportsplex

Published 12:37 pm Thursday, March 28, 2019

Spring is finally here and youth baseball and softball will soon be underway in the city of Selma.

Terry Jackson, Interim Parks and Recreation Director said that registration is over and the teams are now being drafted.

Players, coaches and spectators have something to be excited about this season.

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The Dallas County Commission recently approved contracts to repair and maintain the Sportsplex before the season begins in the second week of April.

Jackson said he is excited about the 2019 season and the newly renovated Sportsplex the children will have to play on this season.

Jackson believes that youth sports are important for the children of Selma.

“It keeps them occupied. It gives them something to do. When they [the kids] have something to do, it keeps them out of trouble and crime goes down,” he said.

Jackson wished to express his thanks to The Dallas County Commission for the approval of the renovations.

“I’m really want to thank the county [commission] for getting us these improvements, “said Jackson.

“We are going to have state of the art fields when this project is completed,” said Commissioner Larry Nickles at a Dallas County Commission meeting earlier this month.

Commissioner Roy Moore commended Richard Davis, the one who is currently working to repair the Sportsplex, on his hard work at Monday evening’s Dallas County Commission meeting.

“I’ve never seen someone work as hard as he does,” said Moore. “Every time I go out there he’s there and he’s working. Y’all just wouldn’t believe the amount of work that had to be done over there. The fields had just gotten terrible…It’s starting to look like a ball complex.”

“I’m overwhelmed with the progress that’s been made,” Nickles said.

Nickles also proposed that the commission consider enacting an outreach program to recruit children from nearby counties without sports programs such as Lowndes, Perry and Wilcox Counties.

Nickles said that Dallas County has used a similar program in the past.

“We need to try and change these children’s lives,” said Nickles. “And if we only change one then it’ll have been worth it.”