Remember the trail – Hundreds gather to take part in historical race

Published 4:08 pm Monday, March 25, 2019

Athletes from all over gathered in the Queen City at 101 Broad St. to participate in the 51-mile race that is the annual Selma to Montgomery Relay and Bike Ride on Saturday.

Hosted by the Walk Jog Run Club in Montgomery, participants were able to experience the distance from Selma to the State Capitol Building in Montgomery.

While the Civil Rights Marchers were not doing this for time or for a race of any kind, and they were not in comfortable running shoes or even on a bike, they still traveled the same way these racers did.

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This race is also part of the Civil Rights Race Series that serves as a participatory commemoration of American History.

The race serves to spur economic development, which was evident in the number of racers that came upon our community.

The race also served as an educational outlet, and of course health and wellness.

51 miles is no joke.

Currently, the Civil Rights Race Series includes the Selma To Montgomery Relay and Bike Ride, the Civil Rights Race Series Memphis “I am a Human” 5K and half-marathon and the Riding Through the Flames of Freedom Race in Anniston.

We are thankful for the hundreds and hundreds of people that participated in this event and helped bring an economic impact to Selma.

Thank you Civil Rights Race Series and the Walk Jog Run Club in Montgomery for putting us in your series of races.