Orrville residents enjoy second annual Wild Game Cook-Off

Published 5:26 pm Saturday, March 23, 2019

The Wild Game Cook-Off has become a popular event in the city of Orrville.

Dallas County residents filled the Orrville Community Center for the second annual Wild Game Cook-Off on Saturday afternoon.

An estimated 100 people attended the event that had several types of wild game: venison, wild boar, squirrel, rabbit, frog legs, alligator and raccoon. The event also had a table for people who didn’t like Wild game with soft shell tacos.

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“I’m excited to have another chance to bring something a little different to Orrville,” Orrville Mayor Louvenia Lumpkin said. “Growing up in a rural area a lot of people like myself didn’t get a chance to eat rabbits, deer or a coon.

Dallas County was well-represented at the cook-off. Dallas County Probate Judge Jimmy Nunn, Commissioner Valerie Reubin and Civil Rights Icon Betty Boynton all attended the event. Nunn was impressed with the variety of wild game available.

“There’s a lot of good food out here,” Nunn said.

Lumpkin said she was thrilled with the turnout.

“The Cook-off was a good event, every time we do something, God blesses us and it turns out well,” Lumpkin said.

Arthur Brown and Andrew Williams were the two judges in the Wild Game Cook-off. They enjoyed sampling all of the cuisine.

“It was an honor and privilege to be a judge, tasting the food was the best job at the event,” Brown joked.

“Mayor Lumpkin asked me to be a Judge and I’ve never done this before,” Williams said. “It was a good fellowship for relationship building in the community.”

The top dishes chosen by Brown and Williams were Wild boar cooked by William Lumpkin Jr., Will and Ashton Lewis’ rabbit gumbo and frog legs and David Guthridge’s coon. Lumpkin, the Mayor’s son, quickly ran out of wild boar.

“I think it’s a very good experience,” William Lumpkin Jr. said. “People came out last year tasted your food and it gave me a chance to improve.”