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Commission in favor of gas tax

The Dallas County Commission has its fingers crossed for a 10-cent statewide gas tax to be passed by state leaders.

The commission believes the proposed tax would be instrumental in repairing Dallas County’s roads.

Commissioner Valerie Reubin was the first member of the commission to speak up about the gas tax during the commissioners reports at Monday’s meeting.

“We would like for everyone in here to contact your senator and let them know that we are in favor of this gas tax,” said Reubin.

“I just want to echo what she [Reubin] said,” added Commissioner Roy Moore. “For the general public, taxes is really a bad word. But if anyone has experience with our rural county roads, then they’re familiar with the horrible conditions they’re in and, without this, we simply can’t fix it.”

Though the gas tax will not allow all of Dallas County’s roads and bridges to be repaired, Moore and the other commissioners agree that it would be a good place to start.

“Every road won’t be resurfaced, every bridge won’t be widened or reconstructed, but we have to start somewhere,” Moore said. “This would certainly be a great place to start.”

Commissioner Larry Nickles added that the proposed tax will also give local officials more say as to what roads will receive treatment.

“From my understanding, this new [legislation] is going to give the county governments more freedom to pick and choose what roads need [repair] the most,” Nickles said. “Before, we’ve always been told what money is available for rural roads and what’s not.”

As Monday’s meeting drew to a close, Dallas County Probate Judge Jimmy Nunn added that he is “100 percent” for the passing of the gas tax.

“I think that that’s one of my main things, is that we have complaints about the roads,” Nunn said. “And it takes money to fix these roads and this is an avenue for us to get money and I think that once we get this money we’re going to do well.”