Jones calls on Senate to support recovery efforts in Alabama

Published 4:48 pm Tuesday, March 5, 2019

After tornadoes ravaged Lee County over the weekend, leaving more than 20 dead and an unknown number of others missing, Sen. Doug Jones, D-AL, took to the Senate floor Monday to call on colleagues to support long-term recovery in the area.

Jones, who has continually supported efforts to provide Alabama with funding for disaster recovery, recently introduced bipartisan legislation to provide farmers impacted by Hurricane Michael with $13.6 billion in disaster relief funds.

“In the face of all these terrible tragedies, the thing that gives me hope is the strength of my fellow Alabamians,” Jones said. “And even though an event like this can be incredibly difficult, I have seen the resolve of the people of Alabama and I know that we will be able to rise and rebuild.”

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Jones stated he has already contacted Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey and other officials to find out how the U.S. Senate can best assist those impacted by the storm.

“In the days ahead, I’m going to be working closely with colleagues here in the Senate to secure federal disaster funding that includes Lee County, Alabama,” Jones said. “And as the dust settles, we will be down there to make sure that our offices do what is necessary to help those fine people.”

On his website, Jones posted a list of resources that can be accessed by those affected by the weekend tornado, including loans for homeowners and business owners looking to repair their properties, recovery programs for farmers and counseling support.

Jones also encouraged people with additional needs to contact his office directly.

“My heart goes out to all the folks who have lost loved ones and who have suffered damage to their homes and their businesses and I ask that everyone pray for their comfort and healing,” Jones said. “I also want to thank the courageous first responders who put their lives on the line time and time again to help folks in need.”