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WCCS celebrates academic excellence

Dr. James M. Mitchell, President of WCCS, addresses students who made the President’s List.

The Student Government Association of Wallace Community College of Selma hosted a luncheon for members of its fall, 2018 President’s List on Tuesday, February 19.

Tuesday’s luncheon was a celebration of academic excellence from WCCS’s top student’s.

“It’s an honor to make the President’s List,” said SGA Advisor Corey Bowie to the first student to walk into the luncheon, “I never made it. I got through college on ‘Thank you, Jesus.’”

The “Strive for Excellence Luncheon” is a way to congratulate those being honored in an intimate, informal setting.

This is the third year that a luncheon has been hosted to commend those who made the list.

“It’s a great opportunity for the president to mingle with the students,” said Bowie.

After welcoming the students to the luncheon and making a few opening remarks, Bowie introduced the speaker for the luncheon, Dr. James M. Mitchell, WCCS President.

Mitchell delivered a message commending those who made the President’s List and encouraged them to keep their hard work and dedication as they continued their education.

“It makes you special,” said Mitchell of the students gathered at the luncheon. “It makes you special in the sense that you made a commitment to academic excellence. You made a commitment to do, and be, your very best.”

WCCS puts together a President’s List at the end of each regular term. In order for a student to earn a place on the list they must attempt at least 12 semester hours and earn a 4.00 GPA.

“The beauty of it is,” said Mitchell, “These students don’t just excel in the classroom. Many of them participate in other activities at the college and within the community. That makes them well-rounded students who think, ‘I understand the world around me and I want to contribute.’”