Dallas County residents show up for McDonald’s reopening

Published 2:18 pm Saturday, February 2, 2019

McDonald’s had a strong turnout for its grand reopening on Saturday.

A huge crowd packed into the popular restaurant located on 600 Highland Avenue. Balloons were made and given out to kids by Dynamite Magic and Balloons. A small roulette provided opportunities for fans to win free food. Legendary McDonald characters Grimace and the Hamburgular greeted kids.

McDonald’s was closed for several months to remodel and expand its building with larger tables and playground.

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Chris Trabue, McDonald’s General manager in Selma, said the remodeling is part of a community-friendly event.

“I’m more focused on being involved in the community and make McDonald’s a place where families can have fun,” Trabue said. “What kid doesn’t like McDonald’s?”

Several Dallas County residents are pleased, especially Stephanie Coles. She attended the event with her mother, Frances Coles and two children, Jordan and Josiah Coles.

“I love the extra space,” Coles said. “It has more circulation and the tables are bigger. I’m glad they put in a sanitizing station.”

“I love the new fast food checkout section,” Marion Junction resident Lucy Battle said.

McDonald’s area supervisor Charles Ray, a Selma resident, has spent 22 years working in the restaurant. Ray began at the old location on 1501 Alabama Highway 14 East. He moved to Montgomery and now is back in the Queen city.

“I’m enjoying it,” Ray said. “When I worked at the old McDonald’s, it was top notch back then. I’m back in Selma to make McDonald’s what it used to be.”

All four local radio stations at Scott Communications aired a live broadcast: Alex-FM WALX 100.9 FM, WJAM 94.7 FM, Kix Classic Country 101.5 FM and the new 96.3 FM Da Bomb.