Dallas County Commission focuses on repairing roads

Published 2:28 pm Friday, February 1, 2019

The Dallas County Commission have started the process of fixing roads in the county.

The commission approved a resolution for use of contingent funds for unshielded bridge ends on County Road 11, County Road, 29, County Road 74 and County Road 83 at its meeting on Monday.  It was one of four presentations made by Dallas County Engineer George E. Jones.

The commission also approved a Federal Air Road resurfacing project from County Road 52 to County Road 63, which is near the Autauga County line.

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The commission is rooting for the 10-cent statewide gas tax to be passed by state leaders, which would repair county roads. The discussion will begin at the state legislature on March 5 at the State Capital in Montgomery.

“If we can get the gas tax passed, it will help Dallas County,” Dallas County Probate Judge and chairman Jimmy Nunn said. “I’ve talked to our state legislatures and senators, they’re on board. We don’t get funding like other counties.”

“If we don’t get the gas tax for roads and bridges, I don’t know what we’ll do,” Dallas County Commissioner Valerie Reubin said. “We need this money. We’ve got to do something to fix our roads.”

Other items approved were the Coosa Valley-Watershed, a mush creek mowing agreement and the County Road 205 Row acquisition for road relocation. Jones said the Coosa Valley-watershed is an annual item for the county.

“It’s been done every year,” Jones said.