Avenu Insights and Analytics manager highlight City Council finance meeting

Published 6:32 pm Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Two managers from Avenu Insights and Analytics spoke to the Selma City Council on Tuesday at City Hall.

Avenu Insights and Analytics Senior Product Manager and Account Manager Yolanda Bailey both discussed their working relationship with the city council and explained the tax collecting procedure.

Bailey said the company did 171 audits on the city council’s belief and collected $158,000. She said $11.73 million in taxes were collected in 2018, an $90,000 increase from 2017.

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“We’re the middle man for the council, but we just need something in place from the council,” Bailey said.

Council President Corey Bowie said a plan started late last year before Jimmy Nunn’s stint as city attorney ended.  Sending letters to the businesses with delinquent taxes is part of the procedure.

“We’ve started the process,” Bowie said. “We talked about getting an ordinance to revoke businesses and put on first read, then take a vote in February. We need to work with Tax and License on this.”

Bailey said taxes are due on the 20th of each month, and any amount turned in later will be levied a penalty.

Kirkbride said it’s all about taking care of their clientele.

Bailey handed the council members a list of businesses that owed taxes, but they didn’t reveal any names.

“We need to give them so many days to come up with the money,” Councilman Sam Randolph said. “A lot of businesses don’t respect the city enough and they try to get over on us.”

Bailey said closed businesses still have to pay taxes. She also said if a business changes ownership, the new owner would have to pay the taxes owed.

Councilman John Leashore said he’d like to see the council get a tax report each month.

Councilman Carl Bowline and Councilwoman Miah Jackson were not present at the meeting.